18″ Diameter PTO Post Hole Auger

With an 18 inches diameter, this auger attachment fits your PTO driven post hole digger. Constructed of sturdy steel, auger is equipped with a fine spiral tip to start soil penetration and with two cutting teeth to increase depth faster.



Use this 18 inch diameter auger attachment on your 3-point post hole digger. The steel auger features a fine threaded spiral tip and two cutting edges for better soil penetration. Entry tip and cutting edges can be replaced after years of wear and tear. In ideal conditions, this auger can advance up to 48 inches attached with the versatility of a tractor, this auger is perfect for landscapers, farmers and ranchers alike.


  • Post hole auger attachment
  • Auger only
  • Construction material: steel
  • Set up for a gearbox output shaft of 2″
  • Diameter: 18 in.
  • Equipped with:
    • Spiral entry tip
    • Two cutting edges and a solid auger flight
  • Fits 2″ auger head
  • Replacement screw point
  • Replacement cutting edges
  • Shear bolt use