9″ Diameter PTO Post Hole Auger

This 9 in. auger attachment is designed to be used with a PTO driven post hole digger. The auger is constructed of steel and designed to penetrate most soil conditions. The auger is equipped with a tight spiral entry point, two sets of cutting teeth and a circular spiraling flight.



This 9 inch auger attachment is an excellent way to bore holes on your farm, ranch or job site. This auger attaches to a 3-point post hole digger gear box, sold separately, and can advance a 9 inch hole up to 40 inches. This auger is constructed of heavy steel. The bottom of the auger flight is equipped with a pointed spiral to help get the hole started. Two cutting teeth dig into the earth and the 9 inch auger flight helps expel the soils as the auger is being advanced.


  • Post hole auger attachment
  • Auger only
  • Fits a 2″ smooth male gearbox shaft
  • Construction material: steel
  • Diameter: 9 inches
  • Drilling depth: 40 inches
  • Equipped with spiral entry tip, two cutting edges and a solid auger flight
  • Works with 3-point post hole digger
  • For replacement cutting teeth
  • Replacement drill tip
  • Made to fit a 2″ Smooth Male Gearbox Shaft
  • Also available is a 6 inch auger attachment, and a 12 inch auger attachment.